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Covoare Pierre Cardin - Natura

Colectia Antibacterian Pierre Cardin Natura

Colecţia de covoare Pierre Cardin - Natura

The new Natura Bacteria-free Collection is the first anti-bacterial carpet range offered by Royal Hali. The Natura Bacteria-free carpet eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria thanks
to a new active ingredient used in the production of the carpet. This ingredient retains its anti-bacterial properties for a long time. The Natura Bacteria-free Collection features patterns inspired by nature; they bear the traces of natural stones, ancient decor-
ations and mosaic arts. Thanks to a special production process applied to Natura, these patterns look three-dimensional and enhance the style of the space in which they are placed.
Earthen tones, in 8 different colour options, catch your eye.
Make your house more elegant and at the same time carefree
with the Natura Bacteria-free Collection!

Made from 100% acrylic yarn, with 800,000 knots and 13 mm pile height.

Anti bacterial, Anti-ciuperci, Anti-resturi organice

Dimensiuni disponibile:
- 0,80m x 1,50m
- 0,80m x 3,00m
- 1,00m x 2,00m
- 1,50m x 2,33m
- 1,70m x 2,50m
- 2,00m x 2,90m